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Superior Recoil Reduction That's Built to Last.


Yesterday I was able to shoot my Stocklock Recoil System for the first time on doubles. All I can say is this system is the best!! I had no pain and I always had a consistent hold on my shoulder. Because of a surgery, I have used multiple padded shirts and vest to mitigate the pain. I wish I had purchased this in the past instead of all of the other recoil systems and shirts. Pat is the genius behind this system. Go see him in northeast Ohio!!
-- Bob
Compliments to the stock makers at Dawson. My stock for TM1 fits perfectly. Felt recoil is dramatically reduced, even with the heavier loads. My scores have increased - singles and caps.
-- Larry
Yesterday Ava went into the high school state Trapshoot ranked 13th, a 200 bird event with temperatures in the 90’s, kids conditioned to shooting 50 round tournaments you could easily tell that they were getting tired after 100 rounds, the second round it was obvious they were getting worn out by recoil, the stock you fitted and made Ava not only looks beautiful it works beautifully she started off good and finished even better winning 🏆 the Iowa high school state title ☺️
-- Randy